Fran looking a bit scary

As a trainee makeup artist I have been taking whatever time I have possible to hone my skills and become more adept at applying and creating the look I want to achieve. With a few comic fans amongst my circle of friends I decided to take inspiration from them and do my take on the joker from Batman, Heath Ledger style. Not too bad for my first attempt although I don’t think I added enough white in certain places. I think aquacolour would have worked better than the white grease I used. I layered up the collodium for the scar and threw on some greases in a haphazard manner to get a crazy look. Being home alone I forgot that I ordered a pizza and scared the bejesus out of the delivery guy when I opened the door….Oh and it was stuffed crust …in case you were wondering.

* Top Tip – Collodium is difficult to get off. Most people say peels off but I recommend against it or it will hurt your skin and leave a mark for a day or two. Soak the area in baby oil or pro clean and leave for a while before removal.



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