Clinique Even Better Eyes: The Verdict

So I’ve been using Even Better Eyes for a just over two weeks. I can honestly say I do like the product. My eyes feel less puffy, they feel hydrated and I feel it’s great as a base to apply concealer as it makes my eyes feel smooth and moisturised. It’s also really cooling when you apply due to the applicator so it’s lovely and refreshing if you’re feeling a bit weary! As far as my dark circles go – I don’t think it’s had that much of an impact other than diffusing them slightly with its yellowy veil. Dark circles appear due to lack of sleep, a poor diet, fine skin around the eyes amongst other things. The only thing to really reduce the appearance is by getting more sleep, drinking more water, changing our diet etc. It’s the same as weight gain – we all know deep down that by losing weight, we need to eat healthier, exercise more and not stuff 4 muffins in your mouth for breakfast. (yes I did that once – don’t judge me – okay actually you probably should as that’s pretty grim). There really are no quick fixes when it comes to your body – products can help and makeup can conceal but what it really comes down to is your lifestyle – one small change or two teamed with a product like this and it will work wonders.

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector – £28.0020120922-125714.jpg


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