What we’re upto..

Hello, I just wanted to write a short post to tell you what we’ve both been up to as I’m aware we’ve gone off the radar a bit!

Made Up is still relatively new and although we don’t post that often I am currently writing up a schedule that will hopefully take effect soon! We’re constanstly learning from other bloggers and vloggers that you have to stick to a schedule to keep your readers and viewers engaged.

What Fran and I have both realised is that blogging and vlogging is like having a full time job! (we both have jobs and I’m working on the relaunch of my own website) so busy times ahead.

We have a real passion for Made Up and we’re really happy that people are watching our videos! It’s great to get new subscribers and comments, it motivates us to create more content.

Fran is travelling around the world at the moment (lucky girl) but she’s going to be doing some posts, when she can, about her finds from around the globe, how exciting!

If you’re subscribed to our YouTube channel you’ll see we’re uploading a video a week so we’re getting into a bit of a routine! We’re both on instagram too, I’m laurenmakeup and Fran is frankaymakeup.

We’ve got lots of new content to upload so I’ll make sure we tweet/facebook/instagram it!!



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