Boldly Going…

Next week I’m off to do a music video for a lovely singer-songwriter called Jo Jo Desmond.

We’ve already chosen two looks which we did in her photo shoot, one retro ’40s inspired look and an ’80s rock chick look (pics below). For the video, I’m researching a third look!

We’re going to go a bit more abstract so have been looking at using some pigments, face paints, face lace, extreme falsies, or maybe even some aqua colours to get creative and try something different!! See my inspiration picsย below.

For me, the great thing about starting out in the makeup world (I’ve only been doing it for a year๐Ÿ˜) is working on projects where you have the freedom to be able to try out colours, textures and ideas that you wouldn’t dream of doing normally. It’s all about expression, and that, for me, is the real beauty of the job.

Wish me luck!!

Will post pics of the final look next week…






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