To keep those peepers bright, you must first get lots of sleep and drink lots of water. That’s a no brainer really. Secondly, try using eye drops on a daily basis when you wake up in the morning. They flush out your eyes of excess makeup and give them a refreshing lift. If your feeling daring you could keep them in the fridge 😳. Another good way of de-puffing and keeping the eyes bright is to use a cooling gel mask or pop a couple of slices of cucumber onto your lids – it’s a old trick but a goodie….any excuse to take 15 mins out of your busy day for some QT. If you have a glass of Hendricks gin and tonic nearby – just throw in the cucumber or dip it in some houmous when you’ve finished with them. That’s what I call posh recycling.

F ✌😁🍸



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