Stressed Scalp

It may be cold but thank gawd it’s brighter outside! Maybe you are missing the snow? Well have no fear, my dandruff has been so bad I am a walking snowflake machine! (Available for hire).

With all the extreme temperatures my scalp hasn’t been happy and has been extremely itchy, sore, flaky and dry. Most shampoos just aren’t cutting the mustard so I have been using Klorane’s shampoo with Peony. I have been using it for a week and it has really soothed my scalp.
You don’t get a huge amount of foam but my scalp feels so much better and it had reduced the amount of dandruff. This teamed with a weekly scalp mask and it should drastically improve within a few weeks and get it back to feeling normal. I would definitely recommend it.

Another good product for a flaky, dry scalp is The Body Shop’s Ginger shampoo and Neals Yard also do great scalp masks and hair products.





The best way to inject a little life into your face? Use colour!
This little gem from Nars (pic below) inspired me this week to be bold and wear brighter colours! Stay tuned as I will be trying out a variety of bold hues over the coming weeks, and consider me your personal guinea pig as I will show you how wearable bright colours are. So any suggestions… Don’t hesitate to put them forward!

We all fall victim to using the same old tired bits and bobs in our makeup bag. The mangled 10 year old eyeshadow we have at the bottom of the drawer because we don’t want to ‘waste it’. The crusty old mascara we knew we should have thrown away months ago! But why not try to mix up what colours you wear and try different trends? Your face changes as the years go by so whats the harm in trying a wild lip colour or bright eyeshadow? It’s a great confidence boost to try something different. It’s also a very cheap and effective way of changing your appearance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what suits you – just pick it up and give it a whirl – otherwise how else will you ever know?

May the force be with you…

Until next time…




Our #tiptuesday is use blusher! Blusher, in our opinion, is a must. Many women shy away from it with the fear of looking like Aunt Sally (google image if you’re too young to remember!) If you choose the right shade and apply it correctly, it will give you a healthy glow . This one, by Giorgio Armani, appeared in Stylist magazine last week and we’re big fans as it suits all skin tones and blends like a dream (you only need a tiny amount).


Valentine’s Makeup – Product List

Hi Chapettes,

Here is our product list for our Valentines look in case you feel the need for a little afternoon splurge!

Le Maquillage Palette from PAM – Lavender concealer

Purple Shimmer Eyeshadow

MAC Eyeshadow in Blackberry

Clinique Eyeliner pencil – Intense Plum

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Number 53

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

Benefit Coralista Blusher

Shu Uemura H6 Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil – # 02 Seal Brown

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector – Rose Shimmer,default,pd.html

MAC Mineralise powder



Adding bronzer is a quick and effective way of adding a healthy glow.

Even if you have very pale skin, a light dusting to where you’d naturally catch the sun will really give your skin tone a boost.

We love this compact by Clarins, it’s their Transparent Warm 03 face powder but works great as a bronzer, especially good on fairer skins.