Stressed Scalp

It may be cold but thank gawd it’s brighter outside! Maybe you are missing the snow? Well have no fear, my dandruff has been so bad I am a walking snowflake machine! (Available for hire).

With all the extreme temperatures my scalp hasn’t been happy and has been extremely itchy, sore, flaky and dry. Most shampoos just aren’t cutting the mustard so I have been using Klorane’s shampoo with Peony. I have been using it for a week and it has really soothed my scalp.
You don’t get a huge amount of foam but my scalp feels so much better and it had reduced the amount of dandruff. This teamed with a weekly scalp mask and it should drastically improve within a few weeks and get it back to feeling normal. I would definitely recommend it.

Another good product for a flaky, dry scalp is The Body Shop’s Ginger shampoo and Neals Yard also do great scalp masks and hair products.




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