Green with Envy

This weeks bold look is being tried and tested by a beautiful redhead πŸ’

As we really wanted to try ingenious powder eyes by RMK, I decided my friend Polly could rock this better than us! So we reluctantly handed it over …and this is what she had to say…

‘This is a beautiful colour eyeshadow with a lovely texture. You can use it conservatively for a hint of misty mint or layer up for a more intense shimmery green. The sparkles make it very pretty, but its not too overpowering. Very wearable during the day.’

It’s very pricey at Β£20 so test before you buy!! RMK – SH-06




Boldly Going… Part Deux

Hi guys,

Here are some shots from the photo shoot the other day with the lovely Jojo Desmond, singer, songwriter and dancer!

First up, we started with our cheesecake, pin-up look. The makeup was kept simple, with a plain vanilla eye, red lips and falsies for a Jane Russell inspired look. The hair was rollered towards the top of the head at the front for the victory rolls and hot sticks were put into the back for a nice retro wave.

Our second look was a ballet dancing ’80s rockstar!’ We decided to go with blue and gold on the eyes, strong pink cheeks and glossy lips. The hair was backcombed for maximum volume, hair sprayed a little and then set free to move!

Our last look was quite experimental 😜 We created a sad, slightly scary clown queen! Jo had some preferential colours so we went with the flow to create something a little bit different. We mostly used Mac pigments and greasepaint to achieve our desired look. Let me know what you think!










Boldly Going…

Next week I’m off to do a music video for a lovely singer-songwriter called Jo Jo Desmond.

We’ve already chosen two looks which we did in her photo shoot, one retro ’40s inspired look and an ’80s rock chick look (pics below). For the video, I’m researching a third look!

We’re going to go a bit more abstract so have been looking at using some pigments, face paints, face lace, extreme falsies, or maybe even some aqua colours to get creative and try something different!! See my inspiration picsΒ below.

For me, the great thing about starting out in the makeup world (I’ve only been doing it for a year😁) is working on projects where you have the freedom to be able to try out colours, textures and ideas that you wouldn’t dream of doing normally. It’s all about expression, and that, for me, is the real beauty of the job.

Wish me luck!!

Will post pics of the final look next week…