Marshmallows in Korea

So one half of made up has gone travelling to Asia – leaving the lovely Lauren behind. Selfish I know! My first stop was South Korea visiting friends in Seoul. Seoul is an amazing city with lots of beauty and makeup stores galore. As I’m backpacking it is very hard not to buy loads of products en route – dragging makeup through south east Asia is not really the best plan. I did however send Lauren a couple of surprises through the post so hopefully she will do some blogettes when they arrive! I did however pick up this marshmallow puff! I couldn’t resist. Obviously just a take on the ever popular beauty blender – using a rolling motion you dip it in your foundation ( only use a small amount) and apply to the skin. A little goes a long way here and it leaves a nice finish and it doesn’t soak up the product like a lot of other cosmetic sponges do. It’s off to the Phillipines for me so expect another blog from me when I arrive on the fabulous island of Malapascua! Tara for now…. Your world beauty blogger, Fran xx