Wide eyed

Sumptuous two-tone mascara is a new eye opening mascara from EstΓ©e Lauder. It comes in range of colours but we thought Madeup should give the black/brown a try!

The idea behind this product is to make your eyes look bigger or more ‘wide eyed’ if you will. One end is a black mascara with a regular sized wand while the other end sports a smaller brush in warm brown for those lower, more delicate lashes.

For my personal tastes the mascara was a little too wet but otherwise it does exactly what it says on the tin. The very action of applying mascara on both the top and the bottom lashes will immediately open up the eye anyway, regardless of the colour. Remember that when reaching for your makeup bag!

I would recommend this to someone who likes a softer look or perhaps for a bride who is looking for a more subtle eye makeup. The brown on the lower lashes provides definition without being too dressy, which is great for daytime. Ladies with a deeper set eye should give this a whirl!

Retailing at Β£25.00 it isn’t cheap, but its a twofer!

Remember – try before you buy!

F xoxo




Big news. Firstly, Pinterest have launched in the UK!

Secondly, do you have a Pinterest account? No? Why not! Ok sign up now.
It’s really good for making online mood boards and collecting inspiration from across the globe!


Made Up are thrilled to be part of the Pinterest pin it forward campaign! To find out more then tap the badge below. As big fans of Pinterest, you may have noticed we have pinned all of our tutorials on the board below. Check it out! πŸ˜€

This board, along with our others is just simply about sharing ideas and being creative. It’s also another way for us to try and reach women out there that might not have ever worn makeup or don’t feel confident in applying it. Whatever skin type, scar or pigmentation you might have, makeup is not rocket science and it’s there to have fun with as well as giving you a confidence boost. So please, don’t be scared to experiment!

Made Up has only been going for a little while, so if you see something you think might be missing from our videos or have a fab idea for one, then please feel free to get in touch via youtube, instagram, facebook or twitter.

If you are a true beauty junkie, then we would also like to introduce the lovely Holly Arabella. For honest, interesting beauty posts, she’s your girl!


Until next time…

Pin It Forward UK 2013

Home Schooling

At the moment I am trying my hand at being a hair and makeup designer for a low budget movie, which means lots of research and character design amongst other things. I’ve been doing some practising and testing out different styles for my main cast. Check our the pics below!
My model hasn’t been quite so responsive though – as you can see she remains unimpressed. I’m unsure if I’ll ever please that woman … πŸ˜‰







So I picked up this little beauty while I have been away in Spain. This is Kiko’s Vibrant kohl waterproof pencil in Golden Beige. The creamy consistency is very much like Avon’s Supershock eyeliner and its great for blending and applying around your eyes as its so soft. Retailing in the UK at Β£5.20, its a reasonable price for a top notch product. It’s definitely worth checking out the whole range of eyeliners as they are high in pigment and have a low price tag which is all good in our book. Use alone or as part of a more dramatic look!


Green with Envy

This weeks bold look is being tried and tested by a beautiful redhead πŸ’

As we really wanted to try ingenious powder eyes by RMK, I decided my friend Polly could rock this better than us! So we reluctantly handed it over …and this is what she had to say…

‘This is a beautiful colour eyeshadow with a lovely texture. You can use it conservatively for a hint of misty mint or layer up for a more intense shimmery green. The sparkles make it very pretty, but its not too overpowering. Very wearable during the day.’

It’s very pricey at Β£20 so test before you buy!! RMK – SH-06