The Roller Revolution

I am quite frankly deeply in love with these rollers. This could be because I love a new hair product (especially ones that deliver) or maybe it’s because they are so easy to use. I can’t actually believe us girls have been going this long without these little beauties.

I took small sections of hair around my crown where I wanted some volume, hair sprayed and rolled. I didn’t even need to secure with a pin due to their handy Velcro exterior – they stayed in all on their own which is surprising as I have very thick and heavy hair.

I must admit I haven’t actually slept in them yet – I merely wore them for a few hours before I went out to give my crown some root lift. I would definitely recommend popping them in all over after you have blow-dried your hair, making sure the hair at the root is completely dry. Using a diffuser on the end of a hairdryer, warm up the rollers all over your head, hairspray and leave to cool. Once the rollers are cold, unroll and brush through gently for soft curl, body and lift. You can always tease (backcomb) the root of any of the parts where you want more lift. *Just remember you need a soft brush to easily brush out back combed hair. Alternatively, do exactly what it says on the tin and wear them in bed as well!

The price? I bought a pack of ten rollers for £9 which I feel is a reasonable price for something I wanted to try out. The pack of 20 rollers with a drawstring bag retail at £17.95. I would say they fall on the more expensive side but having tried them I do think they are a product worth having. If anything is going to make your hair look better in the morning, these are it. I would recommend these to people with fine hair as some body and movement always makes hair appear thicker and more healthy. These are also great for beginners as they make rollering your hair fuss free. Give them a go.

F xx

* Backcombing doesn’t damage your hair – heat and neglect is to blame. So with that in mind always remember to brush out your backcomb with a soft bristle brush for tangle free tresses as dragging the wrong brush through knotted hair will cause you lots of problems!



Home Schooling

At the moment I am trying my hand at being a hair and makeup designer for a low budget movie, which means lots of research and character design amongst other things. I’ve been doing some practising and testing out different styles for my main cast. Check our the pics below!
My model hasn’t been quite so responsive though – as you can see she remains unimpressed. I’m unsure if I’ll ever please that woman … 😉






Stressed Scalp

It may be cold but thank gawd it’s brighter outside! Maybe you are missing the snow? Well have no fear, my dandruff has been so bad I am a walking snowflake machine! (Available for hire).

With all the extreme temperatures my scalp hasn’t been happy and has been extremely itchy, sore, flaky and dry. Most shampoos just aren’t cutting the mustard so I have been using Klorane’s shampoo with Peony. I have been using it for a week and it has really soothed my scalp.
You don’t get a huge amount of foam but my scalp feels so much better and it had reduced the amount of dandruff. This teamed with a weekly scalp mask and it should drastically improve within a few weeks and get it back to feeling normal. I would definitely recommend it.

Another good product for a flaky, dry scalp is The Body Shop’s Ginger shampoo and Neals Yard also do great scalp masks and hair products.



Boldly Going… Part Deux

Hi guys,

Here are some shots from the photo shoot the other day with the lovely Jojo Desmond, singer, songwriter and dancer!

First up, we started with our cheesecake, pin-up look. The makeup was kept simple, with a plain vanilla eye, red lips and falsies for a Jane Russell inspired look. The hair was rollered towards the top of the head at the front for the victory rolls and hot sticks were put into the back for a nice retro wave.

Our second look was a ballet dancing ’80s rockstar!’ We decided to go with blue and gold on the eyes, strong pink cheeks and glossy lips. The hair was backcombed for maximum volume, hair sprayed a little and then set free to move!

Our last look was quite experimental 😜 We created a sad, slightly scary clown queen! Jo had some preferential colours so we went with the flow to create something a little bit different. We mostly used Mac pigments and greasepaint to achieve our desired look. Let me know what you think!










Making Waves

One of my new year’s resolutions is to pay a bit more attention to my hair. I am very lazy with my hair and I’d much rather spend time on my make-up! As you can see from this photo, my hair has a natural wave to it and it’s also quite fine so any product that’s too heavy just weighs it down. I wanted to try and find a spray that would enhance the waves but also keep my hair feeling soft. I’ve used mousse and other sprays in the past but they’ve always left my hair feeling sticky, which I cannot stand.

Whilst having a quick fix of the QVC Beauty channel the other day, I saw that they had the guys on from the Percy and Reed salon in London (Fran gets her hair cut there, posh!) Adam demonstrated the texture spray and I knew immediately this could be the one!

The girls at Space NK in Cobham had good things to say about the range and after I had a quick spritz, the first thing I noticed was the most amazing smell! The texture was light and non-sticky and I was also pleasantly surprised by the price, £14 for 150ml.

I think this could be a staple item for me as it’s so easy to use and it gave me a good result – I didn’t even have to blow-dry. I just wanted a product that would work with my natural waves and I’ve got it in Percy & Reed’s Texturising Spray.


New Year. New M&S.

Today MadeUp popped into the M&S press launch and boy was it was a feast for the eyes. There were some amazing new products on show from Valentine’s gifts to Easter treats, Mother’s Day pressies and clothes galore.

M&S have recently revamped their beauty section including new brands into their range as well as their own collections. With dedicated staff now on the beauty counters, they’re aiming to provide a better service to customers as well as makeup advice. You can now try new makeup and nail looks via fancy computer software in store or if you’re feeling a little shy you can do it at home and upload a pic to the M&S website. Or you could just do it the old fashioned way and try it out on your face! The choice is yours….

In other news, they have an amazing new lingerie range, celebration cakes made to order and Percy Pig Easter eggs. Basically they’ve got it covered. For such a big department store, their new look products and brand new ranges have a real boutique like feel to them with their products almost feeling bespoke. You know those people who are difficult to buy presents for? It’s all here – just make sure you pick me up a giant walnut whip. That’s an order.

Over and out.

F x





Travelling Light

Travelling around South East Asia means you need to travel light! Whilst having all of your beauty essentials of course 😜

As you can see in the photos below – here are a few of my travelling essentials. Sun protection is a must. We need it to help protect against skin cancer, pigmentation and premature ageing. You will still tan even if you use a high factor. I promise. Burning is not an option and no one wants to look like a dried prune by the age of 40. As I am fair skinned I have been wearing Avene factor 50 suncream mainly on my face. It’s pretty light on the skin and water resistant – however I would always reapply after a couple of dips in the pool/sea.

My next must is something a lot of us forget about and that’s sun protection for your hair. My hair has been treated and it can get very dry in the sun and repeated exposure to salt, chlorine and humidity. I have also been using the Phytoplage shampoo and hair oil for extra protection as well as Aussie Miracle Moist conditioner. The Phytoplage shampoo also doubles up as a body wash which is handy. These products keep my hair hydrated and stop it from breaking too much.

After a day at the beach there’s nothing better than scrubbing off the day with a light body scrub – this one from Diptyque smells gorgeous and isn’t scratchy or oily which I find irritating with some scrubs. To moisturise I have been using Clarins After sun to rehydrate my skin. For evening I’ll use something with a little more perfume, like this Diptyque body lotion to save me travelling with lots of different scents.There just isn’t enough room in my bag so anything that doubles up is perfect!!

For my face I have been using an Origins moisturiser from their ‘A Perfect World’ collection with an SPF of 25 (I would use factor 50 on the beach). This is an anti ageing moisturiser and it smells amazing. I always keep it in my handbag as constant exposure air con always makes my skin dry so I make sure I have it on hand! Origins Modern Friction is a great face scrub and again not to scratchy. It feels like exfoliating fibres. Be careful to rinse off well because it really stings if you get it in your eyes! 😲

Your world beauty blogger…FRAN 💋