Natural Look for Black Skin

We have a tutorial coming up starring my beautiful friend Jess, which has given me some great practice on applying and mixing foundation on black skin. My new palette purchase from PAM (by Mandy Gold) has allowed me to play with different colours to even out the skin tones and create warmth in darker areas.

We decided to go for a subtle evening look using golds and guilded greens, which I’m sure you will agree really suits her. It’s more of an understated, natural feel. Just a touch of glamour without her having to feel like she was caked in makeup or having to use really bright pigments.

Stay tuned for our video…







The best way to inject a little life into your face? Use colour!
This little gem from Nars (pic below) inspired me this week to be bold and wear brighter colours! Stay tuned as I will be trying out a variety of bold hues over the coming weeks, and consider me your personal guinea pig as I will show you how wearable bright colours are. So any suggestions… Don’t hesitate to put them forward!

We all fall victim to using the same old tired bits and bobs in our makeup bag. The mangled 10 year old eyeshadow we have at the bottom of the drawer because we don’t want to ‘waste it’. The crusty old mascara we knew we should have thrown away months ago! But why not try to mix up what colours you wear and try different trends? Your face changes as the years go by so whats the harm in trying a wild lip colour or bright eyeshadow? It’s a great confidence boost to try something different. It’s also a very cheap and effective way of changing your appearance. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what suits you – just pick it up and give it a whirl – otherwise how else will you ever know?

May the force be with you…

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Valentine’s Makeup – Product List

Hi Chapettes,

Here is our product list for our Valentines look in case you feel the need for a little afternoon splurge!

Le Maquillage Palette from PAM – Lavender concealer

Purple Shimmer Eyeshadow

MAC Eyeshadow in Blackberry

Clinique Eyeliner pencil – Intense Plum

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Number 53

Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

Benefit Coralista Blusher

Shu Uemura H6 Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil – # 02 Seal Brown

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector – Rose Shimmer,default,pd.html

MAC Mineralise powder



One of the best things about doing make-up lessons is going through people’s make-up bags. More often than not I’ll find a very old, never-been-washed blusher brush (don’t be ashamed!) and an old, broken eyeshadow palette that has seen better days.

My advice to you ladies is to clear out your make-up bag now and again! It’s a cleansing process, you’ll feel liberated throwing out that year-old mascara and on the plus side you can replenish with some lovely new products.

So, how often do you clear out your make-up bag?


Mistletoe and Wine

It’s the office party. You’ve had a barrel of wine and it’s only 8.30pm. The vodka luge was a bad idea and you wake up face down on a creepy colleagues floor with crumbs and cat hair stuck to your face. Hey…we’ve all been there. Actually these are all separate events that have happened to me but for the sake of the story I rolled them into one. What’s my point? Well I don’t really have one. All I’m saying is, it’s easy to be the hot mess at any Christmas party but you may as well look good while you’re at it. Yes your makeup will undoubtedly slide off your face at around 4am whilst you eat a kebab, but hopefully that will be in the privacy of your own home. Then you can just detag the bad photos on facebook the next day and keep the goodies. Job done.

On a serious note πŸ˜‰ we have a tutorial coming up really soon which shows you how to make the most of your eyes this Christmas. The basics of smokey eye with sprinkle of Zhoosh ie. Glitter. Glitter is totally acceptable at this time of year without people thinking you’ve either come dressed as a fairy or your stuck in the 90’s. It’s a time where you can go a little wild and show off so watch this space – it will no doubt get you in the party mood.

In the spirit of Britney Spears… Have fun y’all.

F x


Handy little Muji plastic makeup/accessory pouches

Fran bought me one of these the other day and I can’t get enough of them now! They are super cheap and seem pretty durable. I’m using the bigger one for my personal makeup brushes whilst I’m travelling around and the smaller one for hair pins and bobbles as I’m forever losing them.

They’re perfect for our make-up kits too so if you’re storage geeks like us you’ll love them.

Available from Muji


Love make-up but get stuck in a rut? Read here about Lauren’s make-up lessons

Christina’s boyfriend booked her a personal make-up lesson as a surprise birthday present after she’d dropped a few hints!

Make-up lessons are a great way to find out about new products and try different techniques without feeling pressured in a shop environment. As a make-up artist, I use lots of different brands so we’re not stuck using one brand.

We had a fun two hours talking about what she currently uses, what she’d like to learn and we did a couple of make-up looks. We started off by going through her makeup bag (love this part!) and looking at what new products we could introduce.

I showed Christina how to do a natural daytime look that she could do quickly in the morning and wear to the office and how to adapt it for evening.

I recommended some Benefit cream shadows as they’re so easy to apply and here are some of the other products that we used in the session:-

Dermalogica Sheer Tint Moisture in Medium
By Terry Highlighting Concealer Brush in Cream, No.2
MAC Select Cover Up in NC35
MAC Mineralize Powder in Medium Dark
MAC Buff Blusher
Estee Lauder Blusher in Rose Nuance
T.LeClerc Eyebrow pencil in Chatain 02
Laura Mercier Eye Basic in Flax
MAC Handwritten eyeshadow (used as eyeliner)
MAC Wedge eyeshadow, I used on the lower lashline and in the eye socket/crease
MAC Phloof eyeshadow as the highlight in the inner corners and on brow bone
MAC Tempting eyeshadow
Bourjois Sparkling Navy Smoky eyes pencil
Clinique Chubby Stick in Graped Up
Guerlain Lipgloss in 869
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot

If you’d like to find out more about lessons, go to (new website launching soon!)