Zombie Nation

I did another short film recently called ‘Dregs’. Luckily for me it was a ZOMBIE short film. Who doesn’t love the undead??? Making someone look as disgusting as possible is great fun and I only hope that I can do more of it in the future. The products I mainly used here was my Kryolan grease palette and my skin Illustrator. We also had some vein tattoo transfers made to order, which looked great on the skin and were really effective.

Around the neck we just used shading to make the collar bones and tendons look as if they are sticking out and of course some tooth enamel to make the teeth look broken down. Always interested in hearing from other special effects artists to see the products they use and the techniques and tips they use!




Salad Fingers Part Deux

Here is a picture of my friend Polly as the creepy salad fingers after our Saturday makeup session. A bald cap, a few greases and a bucket load of green aquacolour later and we had our finished look. Hot! I trust she will look pretty awesome on the day. She has been given a challenge to see if she an pull as salad fingers… Place your bets…



Fran looking a bit scary

As a trainee makeup artist I have been taking whatever time I have possible to hone my skills and become more adept at applying and creating the look I want to achieve. With a few comic fans amongst my circle of friends I decided to take inspiration from them and do my take on the joker from Batman, Heath Ledger style. Not too bad for my first attempt although I don’t think I added enough white in certain places. I think aquacolour would have worked better than the white grease I used. I layered up the collodium for the scar and threw on some greases in a haphazard manner to get a crazy look. Being home alone I forgot that I ordered a pizza and scared the bejesus out of the delivery guy when I opened the door….Oh and it was stuffed crust …in case you were wondering.

* Top Tip – Collodium is difficult to get off. Most people say peels off but I recommend against it or it will hurt your skin and leave a mark for a day or two. Soak the area in baby oil or pro clean and leave for a while before removal.