Calling all British Beauties…

I woke up this morning and it suddenly dawned on me…. I’m in no way representing Team GB in any way shape or form other than screaming at the television which apparently I’m told is fruitless. (They’re wrong obvs). I see an array of sports wear on the tube and flags imprinted onto cheeks and a medley of red white and blue… But what am I wearing?? Green jeans and a black top. How incredibly dull. I deserve a slushy in the face Glee style. I’m off to the nearest shop to buy some foam fingers, apply the red lippy and get me some nail wraps. These are very cool and they last a decent amount of time without chipping off and are easy to apply. Perfect for Olympic tomfoolery. Hurrah!!

Now women of our nation…What are you doing to support Team GB Hmm?! 😉