2 Good to be True?

This is a lovely nude grey fast drying nail polish from 2true. A perfect sophisticated look for at the office and during the day. Use a base coat and top coat to increase longevity. A bargain at 1.99!!



New Year. New M&S.

Today MadeUp popped into the M&S press launch and boy was it was a feast for the eyes. There were some amazing new products on show from Valentine’s gifts to Easter treats, Mother’s Day pressies and clothes galore.

M&S have recently revamped their beauty section including new brands into their range as well as their own collections. With dedicated staff now on the beauty counters, they’re aiming to provide a better service to customers as well as makeup advice. You can now try new makeup and nail looks via fancy computer software in store or if you’re feeling a little shy you can do it at home and upload a pic to the M&S website. Or you could just do it the old fashioned way and try it out on your face! The choice is yours….

In other news, they have an amazing new lingerie range, celebration cakes made to order and Percy Pig Easter eggs. Basically they’ve got it covered. For such a big department store, their new look products and brand new ranges have a real boutique like feel to them with their products almost feeling bespoke. You know those people who are difficult to buy presents for? It’s all here – just make sure you pick me up a giant walnut whip. That’s an order.

Over and out.

F x





Perfect looking nails with this DIY Gel Nail Kit from Red Carpet Manicure

Fran and I filmed some more videos last week and I decided to do one on nails. I used this pro kit from Red Carpet manicure.

If, like me, you love the finish you get from gel nails but wince at the price then this could be the kit for you! We were both really impressed with the finish and how quick it was to do.

It’s not cheap at £90 but considering a gel mani is £35 upwards then you’ll soon save your money as you’ll get lots of applications from this kit.

You get everything you need along with easy to follow instructions, keep a look out for my how to video coming soon!


Fancy beaded nails? Try the Ciate Caviar Manicure kit

Fancy having your nails dripping in caviar? Sounds expensive! Well actually it only costs around 18 of your hard earned pounds. This is a little kit which consists of a pretty nail varnish and a pot of beads with a funnel so you can pour the beads back in without any wastage. You simply give your nails one coat with the varnish ….leave to dry. Then start with one finger – do a second coat, pour the beads from the bottle onto your finger while wet and press beads in gently to stick. Repeat until all nails are covered. Make sure you have a tray underneath so you can pop the beads back in the bottle when done and hey presto you have yourself a posh set of nails. *Also comes in different colours. DONE.