Calling all make-up artists, have you got your Z Palette yet?

I have alot of eyeshadows in different palettes so I decided to decant them into my new Z Palette which is a magnetic palette that comes with magnetic discs. As a make-up artist you need to spare your back as much as possible so if someone has a solution to help me travel lighter, then I’m all for it! The magnetic discs are sticky on one side so even if some eyeshadows have a plastic or aluminium casing you can stick the eyeshadow to the magnetic disc and then they will sit nicely in your Z Palette. Getting your eyeshadows out of their existing packaging is where it gets a bit tricky! They will often just pop out but sometimes you may have to warm the glue on the base of the eyeshadow with a lighter underneath the packaging to get them out. This can sometimes be a little dangerous and messy so be very careful! Have a look on YouTube as there are plenty of tutorials that show you how to do it. We’ll put that on our list to film. Have you used a Z Palette and how did you get on decanting?!

Top tip: Take your time and be careful not to crack your eyeshadows!

*We bought our Z Palettes on eBay.