Sexy Smoky Eye

Smoky eyes can be a real pain – especially if you are looking for something really dramatic. Often dark powders can be weak in pigment and sometimes I just end up getting them everywhere. So here’s a smoky eye technique which we think you will love and it’ll makes things easier.

If you want to try something vampy then start with using black kohl and do a feline outline to your upper lids.This is good as you can sketch the shape you want to achieve with the pencil first and adjust if need be – just have some cotton buds handy with some makeup remover. Then, once you have achieved your desired shape colour in your lid with the kohl bit by bit and smudge into lid with a small brush. Then add your smoky black/brown/grey shadow on top to set the kohl. In the picture below I have taken a vanilla colour and blended around edges to get a nice contrast or you could go around the edges with a cotton bud with makeup remover for a really sharp defined look. Now you should clean away any excess shadow/smudges from your cheeks/face and do your foundation/ concealing. Doing it this way round will ensure you have a really professional finish and smudge free! Let me know how you get on!

Top tip: you don’t have to go as dramatic as this. Try just using the kohl on the outer lid and smudging for a daytime smoky eye. Just remember to set with eyeshadow. We’ll be doing lots of videos on smoky eyes as there’s so many ways to do them so keep checking our YouTube channel.

*Warm up the kohl nib on your hand first and make sure it’s not to sharp when working around your eyes. When buying a kohl pencil – make sure the consistency is not too dry and fairly creamy.



Bargain @ £2.99 each – colourful kohl pencils by Barry M

You can always count on Barry M to inject a little attitude into your makeup bag. These kohl pencils are only £2.99 each and come in loads of great colours. Packed with dense colour they are an easy way to draw attention to those peepers. Some of the greens and the lavender is a little wishy washy but it very much depends on your skin tone so scribble on your hand to test. They also come in frosted and matte! Hurrah!!!