Another celebrity inspired video…

If you’re a keen youtube viewer then you’ll have noticed how many ‘celebrity inspired’ make-up videos there are! So, here at MadeUp we thought we’d try another one out as Fran has already done a Kardashian one so this will add to the collection. I really enjoyed making this video as I would never usually wear this much make-up so it was fun experimenting.

We really wanted to find a wig for this video but we didn’t have time, however, we did try spraying my hair black but it was such a disaster Rich had to go in really close for the intro shot to try and hide it! It was another really fun filming day but we did eat pizza AGAIN! :/

Fran did a beautiful Rita Ora and Taylor Swift and I did a Zooey Deschanel so lots more videos to come…


Lauren & Fran launch Made Up YouTube channel!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the blog for Made Up where you’ll find behind-the-scenes footage, product reviews and lots more.

Here’s a little intro about us for starters. Fran and I met in February this year on a make-up job for Estee Lauder. I’ve been a make-up artist for 14 years and Fran graduated from the Christine Blundell Hair and Make-up Academy last year.

We want to educate and inspire you about everything from how to choose the right foundation, what are the best mascaras to how to choose a good red lippy.

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Lauren & Fran