Salad Fingers Part Deux

Here is a picture of my friend Polly as the creepy salad fingers after our Saturday makeup session. A bald cap, a few greases and a bucket load of green aquacolour later and we had our finished look. Hot! I trust she will look pretty awesome on the day. She has been given a challenge to see if she an pull as salad fingers… Place your bets…




Salad Fingers

I had a bit of a weird purchase today. One of my best friends is going to a festival and has decided in her infinite wisdom to go as the strange and rather scary salad fingers. With a penchant for strange ideas I said I would give her a hand. So today I bought a mannequin head on which I can prepare some bald caps in preparation for our Saturday makeup session. I’ve decided to call her Audrey. Now all I need is a bucket load of green aqua colour and we are sorted. Watch this space.