Want to keep your skin looking young? Use a high SPF.

Summer is back, maybe only for a few days but isn’t it nice?! The rays inspired me to write this post about some of my favourite sunscreens. I took this photo whilst on holiday in Spain earlier this year.

Remember, it’s really important to protect your skin from the harmful rays to minimise your risk of developing skin cancer. If we protect our skin from a young age it can stop premature ageing.

Green People SPF 15 Sun Lotion is a nice non sticky suncream that doesn’t irritate your skin as it has no fragrance. My skin can get quite sensitive in the sun so this is a good option for anyone with sensitive skin.

La Roche Posay SPF 50 Tinted Fluid is a tinted lotion with high protection. This is great as it doubles up as a tinted moisturiser and instantly absorbs into the skin. It’s a fluid texture so it’s not heavy on your skin and you can wear make-up over the top. They also do a non tinted version.

Lancaster Sport SPF 30 Stick is good to use on smaller areas where we sometimes forget to apply sunscreen – lips, ears, back of neck. It’s a cream and a stick so a good multipurpose product.



Product love: High factor Avene suncream, good for fair skinned peeps

Summer is coming and there’s nothing better than sitting alfresco with a drink or three and enjoying the sun. Unfortunately for me, as a fair skinned person I tend to get burnt a lot, so I’m always on the look out for a decent suncream. This sun emulsion from Avene is a light, non greasy formula which is for normal to sensitive skins. It contains oil regulating cucurbita pepo extract which means it won’t leave any residue on your skin which you often get with a lot of other products and leaves it feeling soft and smooth – perfect for busy people who are rushing around town in the heat! Retailing at around £15 per 50 ml it’s certainly not the cheapest product on the market but definitely a contender if you’re looking for a good quality high factor suncream.