Brides and Bunting

For a few months now, my friend Erin and I, have been practicing her hair and makeup look for her wedding day – as well as all her bridesmaids! Time flew by as it always does and last weekend we set our alarms for early doors. At 7am we were up, ready to rock and roll having set up the night before to make sure everything ran smoothly. Erin decided to go for a natural makeup was with some pretty false lashes for definition and her hair was curled using a babyliss conical wand for a vintage feel. I wrapped the curls in a net while she slipped into her lace dress and then fingered the hair through around half an hour before she walked down the aisle so it had time to relax, and drop a little. Her bridesmaids walked barefoot in nude and terracotta dresses with rustic wild flowers in their wavy unkempt hair which was also waved using wands.The wedding was set in an open barn which was laden with kitsch decorations. We drank bramble cocktails, home made lemonade and sat on hay bales – plus the fish and chips was pretty damn good :} The atmosphere was so relaxed, the hair and makeup very much suited the day. Its always such a honour to be such a big part of someones big day and especially when it’s a special friend. What a day. X





Pinup Vintage Photoshoot

I very recently did a really fun photoshoot with a singer who needed some press shots! The brief was varied but mostly focussed on a vintage pinup style and that called for one of my favourite hairstyles – victory rolls! I started by rollering the hair upwards at the front and using hotsticks in the back of the hair to get a lovely wave. I then created three victory rolls at the front and left the rest down, leaving it gorgeous and wavy. Then it was time to backcomb the whole head for a mad rock chick look! What do you think??